Estates and Trusts

Statistics reveal that only 1 out 4 adults that should have an Estate Plan, actually do.  Passing away without a properly drawn Estate Plan can have dire consequences from the transfer and protection of your estate assets to who will take care of your children in the event of your death or disability.  In addition, without a properly drawn Estate Plan, you  will not have control over who makes decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity or permanent illness.  At Valdez Lehman, we not only understand the legal, but emotional complexities involved in preparing an Estate Plan that is suited for our clients.  We not only draft the proper documents that will be legally enforceable, but more importantly, we strive to educate our clients so they have a full understanding of the Estate Planning process.

Valdez Lehman takes into consideration all facets of our clients when preparing an estate plan.  This may include such factors as age, assets, liabilities, intent of the testator and taxation libiality upon death.   Planning for our clients range from a basic Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive, to more sophisticated planning which may include a Revocable Living Trust, Testamentary Trusts, Special Needs Trust, Limited Family Partnerships and Taxation Planning.

A properly prepared estate plan will allow you to:

  • Control who receives your assets and when
  • Choose who will be the Personal Representative of your Estate (the person who administers your estate upon your death)
  • Choose who will be guardian for your minor children
  • Create Trusts for beneficiaries such as educational, lifestyle or special needs Trusts for disabled beneficiaries
  • Choose who will make financial and medical decisions for you in the event of prolonged illness or permanent disability
  • Choose who will take care of you children in the event of prolonged illnes or permanent disability
  • Choose who will be your guardian in the event you can no longer take care of yourself
  • Choose whether or not you want to have your life artificially prolonged in the event of a terminal condition
  • Mitigate how much the State and Federal governments will be able to tax your estate upon death.

Without a properly prepared estate plan, you have no control, the State of Washington makes these decisions for you and your heirs.