Business Planning

At Valdez Lehman, we know that running your own business is exciting and rewarding, but can also be an everyday challenge.   We  represent numerous businesses ranging from entertainment companies to technology firms.    Regardless of their field of expertise, all of our clients seek solutions in today’s challenging business environment.   Valdez Lehman takes a pro-active approach when it comes to Business Planning and representation for our clients.   Valdez Lehman counsels our clients in business formation (Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership), Risk Management, protection of Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property, Tax Strategy, Employee Law, Corporate Governance, Contracts and Commercial Litigation, to name just a few.  Below is a list of businesses that we represent.

Other Clients Include:

  • ID Project
  • Mercer Island Automotive
  • MoProductions
  • Reston Company
  • Sheenster Enterprises